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So thrilled about the glowing review by Rhena Tantisunthorn over at Literary Mama. She quotes from several of the essays from the book. I love how she describes what The Good Mother Myth is trying to do:

“It is as if we are museum-goers hypnotized by images of the Madonna and child. And the only way to undo the spell, to break our gaze from this unrealistic prototype, is to reach out to each other, to confront each other with our own realities. ‘Here I am! A good-enough mother!’ these essayists seem to shout.”

Exactly. Read more of Tantisunthorn’s review.


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The Good Mother Myth

The Good Mother MythI’m so honored to be quoted in this thoughtful review of The Good Mother Myth over at Brain, Child magazine. Writer Lori Rotskoff includes several excerpts from a number of essays in the anthology and explains the book’s goal quite nicely:

“…this provocative book is valuable simply because it asks us to suspend preconceived judgments and absorb the stories of women whose experiences differ profoundly from one another, and from our own. It shows us that the best way to battle the barrage of saccharine sound-bites is to arm ourselves with alternative, candid ‘tales from the trenches’ depicting the messy, real dilemmas of real mothers in an imperfect world.”

My essay in the book explores the fear and anxiety I’ve had to face as a parent of a child with life-threatening food allergies, something that I continue to grapple with. Other essays examine a range of experiences, often “illuminating the extent to which mothers’ choices and lifestyles are enmeshed in a broader context.”

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